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Frequently Asked Questions About BuyForMe And ShipForMe Services.
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Shopaway pickup service is available Monday to Saturday as a regular Shopaway service.

Shopaway Courier Services schedules your pick-up according to your home or office address. You can request for pickup by simply calling us at,


There are no additional pickup charges. We offer the pickup service free of cost.

Pickup can be ordered any time before 4pm.

To find out more details about the shipper please email us at shopaway.pk and mention your name, city, address and tracking number. Please remember that Shopaway is not responsible for the quality of delivered material as we are only responsible for delivery of the products. We do not own or sell any items unless otherwise mentioned. Further, Shopaway Courier is not liable for the time duration it may take the shipper to contact the shipment recipient, so complaints related to delays in returns or exchanges will not be entertained by Shopaway Courier once the shippers info. Has been provided.

You can either visit our express center or call us at our helpline, 051-444-2246.

When doing so, you should be sure to have the address where the shipment will be booked / picked up from, and the city, country and postal code of where it will be delivered.

We will make up to 2 attempts to deliver a shipment. Our courier rider will leave a message indicating a delivery was attempted, and information as to where you should call for further information (such as the address of the location from where you can pick it up). Most of the times the shipment can then be picked up from the nearest express center. If a shipment is not delivered due to change in address, business closure, etc., the shipment will be returned to the sender/ consignor.

Don’t worry if you are not available. We can hand over your parcel to your family members, colleagues or a neighbor and collect proof of delivery. If no one is available, our courier will leave a message and will make another attempt at your convenience.

You can view the delivery status under ‘tracking’, in case status is not available online please call our customer service at 051-444-2246 and we will be pleased to provide you with a copy of the POD.

The address can only be changed at the request of the shipper. Please notify us on shopaway@email.comwithin 24 hours of booking your parcel.

Your detailed tracking response will list the following information:

  1. 1. Tracking number
  2. 2. Delivery status
  3. 3. Delivery date, time and received by
  4. 4. Location where the Shipment was delivered
  5. 5. Date on which the shipment was shipped or billed
  6. 6. Type of service used to ship the Shipment
  7. 7. Shipment’s weight & pieces

The title “Returned to Shipper” in the status means that shipment was returned back to the shipper who booked the shipment. It could happen due to various reasons, e.g. refused to accept by consignee, address not traceable or etc.

Yes! Our customer service agents are there to assist you. Ring us at 051-444-2246.

The following items cannot be couriered via us: currency ,jewelry, Bullion ,antiques, liquor, stamps, precious metals & stones ,works of art ,fire arms ,plants, drugs, explosives, animals, industrial carbons and diamonds ,hazardous and combustible materials and all other materials restricted by International Air Transport Association , ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ,and any item whose distribution is regulated by law..

Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking sticker is scanned. Common scans include the following information:



Date of Booking

Shipment Number

Shipment Weight & Pieces

The address can only be changed at the request of the shipper. Please notify us on shopaway@email.comwithin 24 hours of booking your parcel.

Having over 10 years of experience in the courier industry, Shopaway have learnt to deal with most things which could go wrong and so have standby solutions. It is our policy to make prompt alternative arrangements for any type of delays i.e. flight off-load, technical issues, due to accidents, breakdowns etc.


If your monthly bill is incorrect you may contact us with in 10 to 15 days for your queries after submission of bill which is submitted by 5th of every month.

Our delivery hours are 09:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

We charge fuel on a based on certain percentage, which is fixed for a year, but changes are subject to fluctuations in the fuel prices.

No, we do not insure the consignment unless the shipper asks for insurance facility. In that case we insure the consignment at 5% of the total value.

Fragile goods sendt by our courier should be packed properly with proper labelling as we do not take any responsibility, claim or insurance of such fragile goods but we will ensure safe delivery.

We make deliveries on holidays in major cities of Pakistan. Please view our network list for more details.

Definitely! We deliver on the time specified by you. You can choose any time between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm for delivery. Extra charges will apply for time specified deliveries.

For your convenience, all charges are posted on the company website along with a weight calculator. There are no hidden costs hence you will be charged exactly the price that is quoted under each product / service. Extra charges will be applicable for special services such as delivery requests on Sunday, Public Holidays, Same Day and/or Time stipulated delivery service.

Our corporate clients are requested to contact their respective sales representative for charges and other related details.

As per company policy, Shopaway will not be held liable for damages and loss due to late delivery and/or interruption of service due to a cause beyond organizational control.

We entertain only the claim which is lodged by the customer within 10-days after the incident, and with due process of 45-days we settle the claim after investigation.l.

All claims must be submitted in writing to Shopaway Services within thirty (30) days from the date of booking. Shopaway Services shall have no liability whatsoever if you do not notify us within the given period.

Air Waybill or Consignment Note Number is used by Leopards Courier Services to categorize and trace every shipment as it moves through our system or network to its destination. Our latest system which assigns tracking number to every shipment automatically.

Yes! We have a written record of every delivery which proves who received, when and where every consignment was delivered.

This is not a problem. Just let us know what changes have occurred and we can contact the concerned station to re-route your consignment.

If we are given a wrong address we will contact the concerned station for re-direction or recollection of shipment according to request.

Yes! We have offices throughout the country and we can collect your package from anywhere with an extra charge for this service.

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Pick-up facility is available for all type of shipments.

If the shipment is insured then Yes, Shopaway Pvt Ltd is liable to pay the market value of the lost shipment. If the shipment is not insured then the Shopaway Service Pvt Ltd Customer Satisfaction will take over the lost shipment case and resolve the case after complete scrutiny & verification procedures.

Each country establishes its own standards as to which goods are considered dutiable. For further details simply dial 051-444-2246.

Shopaway Service Pvt Ltd do not offer holiday service on International Shipments.

On all such pending shipments shipper will have to send new details within 05 working days from the date informed, If not then shipper will have to abandon the shipment, the same will be destroyed or disposed off. However shipper still remains liable for all additional costs. (Duty and Taxes).

All shipments must go through a customs clearance procedure, which can affect the transit time. Normally it takes 1 to 5 business days to clear the shipment through customs however some items particularly unusual or high value items are detained by customs for a longer period of time.

For all such shipments Return to Origin (RTO) request will be notified in writing by the shipper and all return or redirection duties, taxes billed at destination & RTO charges will be payable by the shipper.

The Consignee typically pays duty charges. However, shipper may also choose to pay them, which means he is requesting Delivery Duty Paid Service.

Every International Shipment is transported on a limited liability basis as provided on the airway bill. (Shopaway Service Pvt Ltd liability is strictly limited to direct loss. Shopaway Service Pvt Ltd maximum liability in the event of loss or damage to a shipment is US$100 or the value on the airway bill whichever is lesser).

Shipments can be imported and exported from countries listed in our tariff. You can contact our customer services for additional information at 051-444-2246.

No. Shopaway Service Pvt Ltd is unable to deliver to PO boxes. A full street address and Tel# is required..

Exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure speedy delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit, the difference in cost will be requested and a possible additional service fee applied before the parcel’s journey can continue.